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Scot … Events

Tell us before, tell us afterward.

Join the events here. Tell the tale, see the pics and vids. Wind or not, it is always fun …

But windy is more fun!

ScotStuf Flying Scot Fleet

Scot … Fleets

What’s up in your District or Fleet?

New members and boats? What has your fleet been doing? What is going on in the district?

Good stuf to share.

ScotStuf Flying Scot Logo Article Go Fast

Go Fast … Stuf

What Stuf do they do to Go Fast?

The start, sail trim, wind shifts, boat balance? Go Fast boats share the go fast secrets

… with the rest of us.

ScotStuf Flying Scot Main

Main … Stuf

Stuf related to the main sail.

Stuf like … ways to install the Vang, Outhaul, Cunningham. When to tighten, when to ease.

All kinds of main … stuf.

ScotStuf Flying Scot Logo Article Jib

Jib … Stuf

Stuf related to the jib sail.

Stuf like … how to install the jib sheets, deck or seat? 2 to 1 and weather sheeting?

All kinds of Jib … Stuf.

ScotStuf Flying Scot Logo Article Spinnaker

Spinnaker … Stuf

Ready to fly to the spinnaker?

Stuf like … how to route the spinnaker sheets, deck or under seat? Halyard options.

All kinds of Spinnaker … Stuf.

ScotStuf Flying Scot Logo Article Hull

Hull … Stuf

Stuf related to your boat hull.

Stuf like … Setting shrouds. Drilling and filling holes. Center board and rudder tweeks.

How to get the hull stuf … ready.

ScotStuf Flying Scot Logo Article Trailer

Trailer … Stuf

Look here for stuf related to the trailer.

Stuf like … Bearings, rollers, lights and bunks. Mast up and Down, and backing up.

Stuf we gotta do … to take our Scot.

Other Flying Scot ScotStuf

Other … Stuf

Here is all the rest of the stuf.

Anchors, watches, compasses and so much more. Who knows what you might need … and find here?

All the other stuf … it’s here!

All Flying Scot ScotStuf

All Scot … Stuf

All of the boat stuf in one place.

No Event or Fleet stuf … just boat stuf. All the Stuf here in one place. To see it all check here.

A lot of … Stuf!

Show Flying Scot ScotStuf Article

ScotStuf … Show

Each Episode as an Article.

Includes the links and ties to the stuf described in the show. And maybe some other interesting bits also.

The Show with more … Stuf.

ScotStuf Flying Scot Logo Article Promo stuf

Self Promo … Stuf

Vendors Hawk stuff … here.

We have a bunch of great vendors of stuf for our Scots. Here they share the details of their wares.

Great Stuf .. for Scots.