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Create a ScotStuf Article

  1. Article Title: Choose a unique title that is short, sweet, and makes sense.
  2. Article Category(s): You can choose one, or multiple categories. Make sure you accurately choose categories that represent the subject matter in your article.
  3. Content: Make sure to add lots of detail in your article. If your article is primarily a video, make sure to include detailed descriptions of the content so search engines can find your content. Additional images are good too.
    Start out with a paragraph that describes what the article is about. This paragraph will form the initial description shown on the “Category” page.
    Add a video and some pictures after that first paragraph. Mix text and pictures to create an article that maintains the readers interest.

    Videos and pictures can easily be added to your Article.
    First upload your video or picture to a web storage service.
    I like to use YouTube and Flickr. Both are easy to set up.
    To add a video or picture into your post, get the URL or “link” address from your service.
    In YouTube you can right click on the video and select “Copy  video URL”.
    In Flickr you can right click on the picture and select “Copy link address”.
    Then paste the URL or”link” address on a blank line where you want the picture. “Ctrl+v”

  4. Upload a Featured Image: Please select your Articles featured image.
    This picture will draw people to your article.
    Use a picture with a wide (16:9) ratio, and maximums of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  5. AntiSpam: Enter the answer to the antispam question
  6. Submit Article: You will get a success message if everything looks good.
    The ScotStuf staff will review your article and add it to the site.